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Dave Lewcon is an established professional beekeeper and runs a well known apiary business in the New England area, with a reputation that has kept him plenty busy every year. He needed a website that allowed him to be better organized and provide service and sales to his long list of customers and those he’s mentored through the years. Unlike many beekeepers, Dave’s focus isn’t on selling honey, although he does that too. First and foremost, Dave sells bees; boxes and boxes of them every spring. Then there’s also queen bees, and also NUCs, which is what you need when you’re starting a colony of your own.  If you’re interested in understanding more about that, visit his website.

His website needed an ecommerce component to sell everything he provides, but it also needed a strong educational aspect and a call to action for those who need help or mentoring. I imagine things will evolve over time, but am proud to serve as his trusted partner when it comes to leveraging his website to make the most of his operation.

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