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Project Info

We actually took over managing a very old website with Gulf Coast Tubulars many years ago. In 2017, a full redesign project was in order due to the fact that the old design was outdated, the content needed to be refreshed, and they needed a website that worked on smartphones and tablets too. We were able to implement vast improvements in every aspect of their online presence:

  • New, current design aesthetics with stronger branding
  • Fully responsive design for mobile friendly operation
  • A more focused and thorough effort for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media integration

The redesign was done in WordPress, and we consulted with them on increasing both the amount and the quality of the page copy throughout the site, better use of imagery, and implementation of SEO best practices. Within the first week after launch of the new site, SEO visibility for the site had improved to a point beyond what they ever had before.

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