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Project Info


Three Lakes Automotive is a small auto repair shop that serves their local market in Snohomish, WA. They were well rated in local listings, and had a successful business, but no website. The goal was to be more competitive with other repair shops that had decent positions in Google, so we had some catch up work to do.

We built a nice clean website that provided all the essentials, and on a small budget.

  • Fully mobile friendly (responsive) website design
  • We assisted with writing the page copy to help get their pages to a point that would index well in the search engines
  • We helped them shore up their local listings, including the links to their new website

The owner has said that the website has definitely helped his business, and continues to get regular inquiries and business referrals through the website. We still do occasional work on the site to fine tune his search engine rankings. At one point in time, they were nowhere in Google that people could find them, but now enjoy first page results for their most important keyphrase: “snohomish auto repair”.

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